How to get text alerts from Twitter

How to get text alerts from Twitter

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Canyon ISD tells us they use Twitter as their primary means of notifying parents to situations regarding their students, such as Thursday's terroristic threat at Randall High School.

Many parents we've talked to have expressed concerns with this notification system, as many of them don't use Twitter at all. If you do not have one, visit

We want to help you get the information you need regarding your students, so we've laid out some step-by-step instructions on how you can get the school district's Twitter updates as text messages.

  • First, you will need to set up a Twitter account, if you don't already have one.
  • Find the Twitter account from which you wish to receive notifications (Example: @RandallRaiderHS) and click "follow".
  • Access your account settings by clicking the profile picture in the top right corner of your web browser, to the left of the big "Tweet" button, and click "settings" on the menu that drops down.
  • Add your phone number to the account by accessing the mobile settings.  Click the "mobile" tab on the left side-bar on your web browser.
  • Once you add your number, Twitter will send you a text message with a verification code.  Enter that code into your web browser, and your phone will be connected to your Twitter account.
  • A list of check boxes will now appear on the page, under "Text Notifications".  Check the first box, labeled "Tweets from people you've enabled for mobile notifications".  Under that same list, you can set up times during the day in which you'd like to disable text notifications.
  • Return to the account from which you'd like to receive notifications (Example: @RandallRaiderHS) and click the small gear icon to the left of the large "Following/Unfollow" button, and a menu will drop down.  Click the second-to-last item on the menu, "Turn on mobile notifications".
  • Any time this account sends out a tweet, you should receive a text message on the phone you've linked to your Twitter account.

There is a Twitter account for @CanyonISD, as well as an individual account for every C.I.S.D. Campus.  You can access those accounts by clicking on the following links:

Arden Road Elementary  @ArdenRoad
City View Elementary  @CityViewElem
Crestview Elementary  @Crestview2
Gene Howe Elementary  @GeneHowe1
Hillside Elementary  @HillsideCubs
Lakeview Elementary  @LakeviewLions
Sundown Lane Elementary  @SundownLane
Reeves-Hinger Elementary  @ReevesHinger
Canyon Intermediate  @CanyonIntSch
Greenways Intermediate  @GreenwaysIntSch
Canyon Junior High  @CanyonJH
Westover Park Junior High  @WestoverParkJH
Canyon High School  @canyon_hs
Randall High School  @RandallRaiderHS
Midway Alternative High School  @MidwayAltHS

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