Students, first responders simulate accidents to stop drunk driving

Students, first responders simulate accidents to stop drunk driving

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Life's lessons may best be learned through experience, and officials are hoping students at Canyon High School learned a lesson today they will always remember.

It was all a simulation, but at today's scene of an alcohol-related accident, one student died, another was airlifted to a hospital, another was arrested for intoxication manslaughter and three were taken away by ambulance as sires blared through Canyon.

"We wanted to simulate that crash so that they'll really understand the consequences of distracted driving or alcohol-related crashes, things like that," said Cody Jones, a liaison officer at Canyon High School.

"Students now realize they're not invincible," says Tracy Tellman with TxDOT. "Because that's the thing with this age group is they believe they are invincible. So they can see that this is can happen to them. It's happening to their friends, it's happening to their friends' parents even."

A person dies every 15 minutes as a result of an alcohol-related crash, according to a national statistic....hence the name "Every 15 Minutes" for the program.

With prom and graduation just around the corner for these students, officials hope these images will reside with them.

"There's some really high-risk areas for high school students," Jones said. "One of those is during prom and also during graduation. And just springtime in general, people start to get out and about more and so we feel like we want to target the time period to get the most out of the program."

And by the looks of it, an impact was made. Over 1,000 students, and not a peep from anyone during the presentation.

"I thought, it was just crazy seeing my friends and people I've grown up with in that crash and it just makes you realize that it can happen to anybody and being a senior and leaving in a few months, not having that parent protection, it can happen and it makes you aware that drinking and driving is a serious deal and that we just need to be careful and cautious of our decisions," says senior Jenna Terry.

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