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Standoff aftermath: who pays for the damage

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John Dodson, Owner of Palo Duro Housing John Dodson, Owner of Palo Duro Housing
Corporal Jerry Neufeld Corporal Jerry Neufeld

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Dozens of police officers secured a north Amarillo home Tuesday, searching for a man wanted on outstanding warrant believed to be inside. Police manpower and chemical irritants were both deployed in the ensuing four hour standoff, an incident ending with a forced entry of the home and no suspect in custody.

The property, meanwhile, sustained thousands of dollars of damage, and its current renter without a place to stay.

So far, the property owner has only assessed the damages located outside of the home, since the smell of chemical irritants remains strong.

"We're looking at eight windows being damaged, the siding has been damaged, the eaves, we've got a little bit of roof damage," Dodson said. "Between $2,500 and $5,000 [in damages] is what I'd throw, but we've haven't been able to get in yet to really assess the inside damage." 

After the standoff ends and the gas clears, who pays for the damages? Dodson says his insurance won't, and he's since contacted Amarillo Risk Management to file a claim.

"They're going to assess to see if the police did correct action and they said they would get back to me supposedly within the next 24 hours, we should have some confirmation and that's all we have at this point," Dodson said. 

Corporal Jerry Neufeld said sometimes the city will help pay for the damages, but it varies on a case-by-case basis. 

"In the event that somebody breaks into a strange house or something like that, there may be some assistance compensation wise," Neufeld said. "We've worked with insurance companies, that individual's homeowner insurance company to try to work out some compensation with that. Like I said, there are so many variables that come into play it's something that our City Hall staff would have to research and determine if it's something that they need to compensate that property owner for." 

Until the city reaches a decision, Dodson's main focus is making sure his tenant is safe. For now, the tenant will be staying with family, but Dodson fears the items inside the home are ruined.

"The police gave us a way of cleaning stuff," he said. "As of right now, we're not able to get in, so we're not sure if we're going to be able to clean it. For the carpet we'll probably will it out and just redo it, like I said for his furniture and and his stuff if he's not able to clean it he'll have to replace it, and I do not believe he has the ability to replace it financially." 

Dodson said if the city doesn't provide assistance, he may take legal action.

"We will proceed with talking to legal about our actions with the city since it wasn't one of our tenants or our responsibility at all in this situation," Dodson said. "We just hope that the police department will take responsibility and correct the actions of the damage on the property, so it doesn't have to proceed any further and we can just get it all taken care of and get the tenant back in there as soon as possibly." 

Dodson estimates it will be about a week before the tenant can move back in. 

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