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Outreach program focusing on Palo Duro students

Palo Duro students touring AC. Source: KFDA Palo Duro students touring AC. Source: KFDA
AC professors in a simulating lab. Source: KFDA AC professors in a simulating lab. Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -   In order to help build up a college future of local high school students, Amarillo College launched its first outreach program today. 

Amarillo College has partnered up with Palo Duro High School and held a health care program showcase to help students engage in their college education.

Over 100 students who have an interest in health sciences and nursing careers toured AC's west campus. During the tour, professors gave students a show-and-tell preview of health science courses and provided them with information about the programs they teach.

Students also had the opportunity to watch live simulation labs and hear about student support services and learn about dual credits classes offered in high school.

"We're excited, we got them here and are hoping they see our passion and our excitement about their future," Amarillo College nursing instructor Phyllis Pastwa said. "From here, what we are going to do is start a mentorship program and our plan is to pull in people from within the community and from within the college to become mentors for these high school students."

At the end of the tour, students who attended will be assigned a mentor based on what they are interested in. The mentorship will start in the fall and last until the students finish high school.

"Our mentorship program is going to focus on make sure students are ready to go to college," Amarillo College nursing instructor Becky Matthews said.

Matthew adds mentors will be focusing on asking students questions such as: Are you taking dual credit courses? What questions do you have about the career path that your working towards. How can we make sure that you graduate high school and how can we help you in the mean time?

Throughout the program, students will be able to build a one on one relationship ask questions, receive guidance and continue their path to a better future.

PD is AC's first starting point and the college hopes to keep growing this partnership onto other local schools. 

If you would like to become a mentor in AC's program you can contact it's nursing program and ask for Becky Matthews or Phyllis Pastwa.

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