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Wolflin students help provide flood relief

(Source: Deweyville ISD Facebook) (Source: Deweyville ISD Facebook)
(Source: Deweyville ISD Facebook) (Source: Deweyville ISD Facebook)
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(Source: KFDA) (Source: KFDA)
Kristie Logan, 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher Kristie Logan, 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Wolflin students are bringing school supplies to the Deweyville schools that were destroyed by recent flooding. 

Last month, Deweyville was hit with the worst flooding they had seen in a century. Nearly everything in the eastern Texas town was submerged, including its schools. Now, fifth graders at Wolflin Elementary School are stepping in to help. 

Emma Meek, a fifth grader said they were reading about floods in school and found out about the recent flooding in Deweyville. 

"We were in shock about how much they lost in this flood and so a couple people in my class came up with the idea to raise school supplies for Deweyville, Texas," Meek said. 

Language Arts teacher Kristie Logan said as soon as the students heard about the flood damage they all wanted to help.

"They hit their lockers first thing and said, 'Here, I'm not using this,'" Logan said. "It kind of just snowballed through all three of my classes. Each class it was the same thing...'There is a need, how can we fix it, what we can fix it, when can we do it?'"

They are collecting basic school supplies like notebooks, pencils, scissors, markers, and crayons, but they need your help. They are asking the public to help donate any supplies they can. 

Students are hoping to send the supplies to Deweyville, so students can start using them when they resume classes on Apr. 11. 

The school supplies will also come with letters.

"We decided that we wanted to write letters to encourage them, and it's been a learning experience for all of us because we've had to tap into how we would feel if something like that were to happen to us," Logan said. "What would we want someone to say? So, we've come together and each student is writing an open letter to other fifth grade students in hopes that when they receive it -- not just the materials -- they'll know that we really are thinking about them personally."

These students are excited about the help they are providing and are happy to be making a difference.

"I feel so happy that I am able to help people and make a difference in someone's life," said Elijah Hamilton. 

"I am incredibly proud," Logan said. "As you're watching these kids grow up, as a teacher and as a parent you want your kids to be empathetic. You want them to see that there are other people who don't have what they have or have a need. They were ready to give whatever they could. You know, none of us are people of means, we're just average people. These are average kids from average neighborhoods and they just wanted to do whatever they could and it just warms my heart and makes me love them that much more." 

Supplies can be brought to the front office of Wolflin Elementary during school hours until Apr. 8. 

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