Amarillo Fire Department asking residents to clean up

Amarillo Fire Department asking residents to clean up

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - In an effort to help them help you, the Amarillo Fire Department is urging spring cleaning for Amarilloans.

It's as simple as grabbing a mower and a trash can.

Yet firefighters continue to take the brunt from the outcome of people not doing some basic cleaning.

It may not seem like such a big issue, seeing greenery around town. But it's really not what firefighters want to see.

The Amarillo Fire Department (along with those around the panhandle) are hoping residents will take some time to do some basic cleaning, especially considering the high fire danger this season.

"If you've got growth up around your building, you need to just kind of expect trouble this time of year. We highly recommend you keep everything mowed and cut down all the grass and the weeds at least 30 feet from your buildings," says Capt. Larry Davis.

With the inevitable elements of higher temperatures, lower humidity and high winds in our area, Davis says fires can happen quickly. And while people think this a danger in the more rural areas, Davis says it happens often in town.

"We see places that have a lot of overgrowth, we see places that have just a lot of trash around and any of that stuff is fuel and on a windy day, it's not just fuel but the wind can actually carry that stuff up and carry it off to other places, start fires at other places."

Not just the smaller weeds and brush, but trees are another issue being seen by officials.

"We get trees that are rubbing up against power lines going into people's houses. They can actually short those lines. They can rub on them enough to break them and snap them, make them fall down to the ground," says Davis. "Those start grass fires, we've already seen a couple of those this year."

A reminder to is not the city's responsibility to clean up the weeds. If it is on your property and near your house, it is your duty.