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Affiliated baseball is better for Amarillo, consultants say

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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Consultants stressed to the Local Government Corporation (LGC) Wednesday that bringing a Double-A baseball team to Amarillo is a better choice for the city's economy.

The LGC announced they plan to knock down the old Coca-Cola building in either June or July, and will then start doing what they can to get the community excited for whichever type of baseball stadium they choose to build - one for an independent team or for an affiliated one.

Consultants Brailsford and Dunlavey presented their proposal for a more expensive baseball stadium to the corporation Wednesday, answering any questions the board had about the price tag that's $16 million more than planned.

"What this was was to create an opportunity for the LGC and the council to explore two different options, and we're very close to having those two options as fleshed out as they can be so they can figure out where they want to go next," said Bob Cowell, Deputy City Manager. "As soon as they know where they want to go next, then it's our job to get it built"

"Can Amarillo support this stadium? It is a little more than what was originally proposed, and how they are going to make it work," said Sunny Hodge-Campbell, Vice Chair of the LGC. "Are we going to need private funding, what does that look like, and how can we make this work? The economic impacts for an affiliated team are much greater, and would benefit our city much more than an independent baseball league would."

The LGC is working on a strategy to get the community involved and keep them informed, starting when the Coke building is demolished this summer.

"Whether that's Instagram whether that's Facebook whether that's a website, community meetings, community events - all those things will occur and all those things will be designed to get information out to the public and then get information back from the public," said Cowell.

City officials are researching with local and national designers to see what stadium needs suit the community.

"I think at this point, we need to do our homework," said Hodge-Campbell. "We need to see if this is viable and if we can make it work financially. So until we have that answer, we're going to keep moving forward">

The next LGC meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 6th. By then they hope to have a proposal, and put their plans to a vote in the next few months.

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