Randall County Fire Department needing volunteer firefighters

Randall County Fire Department needing volunteer firefighters

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  With fire season starting early this year, stations are preparing their staff.

If you've ever considered becoming a firefighter in Amarillo, now may be your time. The Randall County Fire Department needs people with the will and commitment to take on the job.

It's a tough job...risking your life to keep others safe.

And imagine doing it for free. In fact, hundreds of men and women across the panhandle do it everyday.

"It is a pretty significant commitment to be a volunteer. It takes us approximately a year from the time you show up to have you ready to ride on the trucks and to fight fire," says Chief James Amerson.

Chief Amerson tells us the career is not always appealing to people as it does not pay. But the county does step in to fund the fire school and certification fees for those interested.

"They're giving us themselves and their time and we provide them with quality training, certification fees and gear and everything they need to do the job," says Amerson.

While the department is not understaffed, Chief Amerson says at any given time, volunteers can be somewhere else...be it at work or with family.

Many do not understand these firefighters are not staffed in one building like most, another reason Amerson hopes more of these applications will be hitting his desk soon.

"The commitment, it goes beyond that. There's the pager that  you carry around that goes off all hours of the day or night and there's a recurring training that we do weekly, so the people that are volunteer firefighters are very committed and they have a huge investment in what they are doing."

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can visit the department at 1111 East Loop 335 or call (806) 477-1750.

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