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Amarillo Fire Department flushes out hydrants to keep residents safe

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Larry Davis, Captain of the Amarillo Fire Department Larry Davis, Captain of the Amarillo Fire Department

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -- The Amarillo Fire Department is performing fire hydrant maintenance to keep locals safe. 

Maintenance includes removing any debris from around the hydrants, lubricating all moving parts, and flushing water from the hydrants. During the flushing process, water pressures are also checked. 

The flushing process helps remove corrosion, scale, and sediment that naturally build up over the year.

Without the flushing process, deposits could eventually degrade water quality and restrict flow capacity, making it harder for firefighters to help residents in emergency situations. 

"Over time if they don't get flushed the sediment will start degrading the piping and it can have a negative impact on our water flow," said Larry Davis, Captain of the Amarillo Fire Department.

It can also affect the fire department's equipment.

"Whenever we hook up to a fire hydrant, sediment can get inside of the fire truck and it could possibly damage the pumps in our fire trucks, so we see many benefits from doing this every year," Davis said. 

Davis said these services are done annually to ensure all of the hydrants are working properly. 

"A lot of things can happen in that year's time, if we do have a hydrant that brakes for some reason and we have to take it out of service the sooner we know about that the better," Davis said. 

The fire department says residents can expect to see some slight discoloration and possibly small particles of sediment in their water, but the water is still safe to drink.   

"It's nothing to worry about," Davis said. "If they drink that water it may have an unpleasant taste, but it's not going to hurt them. We recommend if they do have discoloration or sediment to just open up their cold water faucets in their house and just flush those waterlines until they run clear." 

Water should start to run clear within a few minutes, but if it doesn't be sure to contact the Amarillo Utilities Department at 806-378-6824.

Davis said the department is not wasting water, these services are necessary to keep residents safe.

"From the fire department standpoint, we want to make sure we have adequate water pressure anywhere in this city so if something big does catch on fire we'll have plenty of water to put the fire out," Davis said. 

Maintenance will be performed between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and the department said customers shouldn't see a disruption in their services. 

The city-wide maintenance on these hydrants is estimated to be completed by Apr. 1. 

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