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A popular Easter gift can be deadly for your pet

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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - With Easter approaching, one popular gift can be putting the life of your cat in danger. 

The Easter Lily is welcoming to many eyes, but for cats the plant can be deadly. 

"Something as simple as chewing on a leaf or stem and even being exposed to the pollen from the plant can cause toxicity in cats," veterinarian Janice Wolf said. 

Toxins attack the animals kidneys quickly, and if not treated could cause life threatening renal failure within three days. 

If your cat comes in contact with a toxic plant, Wolf urges owners to act immediately.

"The first thing people would notice is a loss of appetite, lethargy, and vomiting." Wolf said. "If you know this you need to get them to the veterinarian immediately," Wolf said. 

Dr. Wolf recommends giving your cat one tea spoon of hydrogen peroxide to help induce vomiting.

For a full list of toxic and non-toxic plants you can visit the Animal Poison Control website. 

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