New wind farm to bring millions to Ochiltree County

New wind farm to bring millions to Ochiltree County
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OCHILTREE COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - A new wind farm coming to Ochiltree County is projected to bring millions of dollars into the area.

Apex Clean Energy is aiming to build150 wind turbines just outside of Perryton for their newest wind plant.

Ochiltree County is set to receive $64 million in revenue from the project.

The county just recently started getting revenue from their first wind farm, run by NextEra Energy Resources.

That farm has already generated $1 million in revenue for the county, increasing the county budget by 10%.

And the Apex farm will only make that number increase.

"It's projected a million dollars a year for our school system, which is a substantial amount," said Earl McKinley, Ochiltree County Judge. "Like all schools, they will be able to put it to good use."

It's not just Perryton ISD that will be seeing a budget increase.

"The direct affect for everybody that pays taxes in our county is it will help reduce the taxes," said McKinley. "And then for our businesses, these people that will be getting these royalty checks, they're going to spend that money. It's going to go into our banks, it'll be available for loans, it's going to go into our businesses."

Wind is a relatively new industry for the county, and it's coming at a great time.

"This could really take up some of the slack for what we're losing in evaluation on our oil and gas," said McKinley. "We hope the oil and gas devaluation is a temporary thing, but who knows."

The turbines will cover mostly farm land.

McKinley said most farmers are willing to farm around the turbines because of the high amount of revenue they'll generate.

Apex has also agreed to maintain and improve county roads, and make sure the roads can handle the weight of turbine equipment coming in.

McKinley said only a handful of people have concerns about the the wind farm coming in, including fears that the plant will be abandoned or ruin the landscape.

But a majority of county residents are looking forward to the benefits the wind farm will bring.

"We're excited about this. We're looking forward to this one. We hope this is not the last one. We're very encouraging to bring people in."

Construction is expected to begin later this year.

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