Despite accidents, motorcycle safety instructors seeing influx

Despite accidents, motorcycle safety instructors seeing influx

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  We spoke with officials about what has led to multiple fatalities this year already and found certain course instructors who strive to prevent accidents like these are actually seeing more traffic.

Warm weather, experience and responsibility seem to be huge factors in motorcycle accidents local law enforcement have seen the past few weeks.

Alcohol has contributed to nearly fifty percent of deadly accidents involving motorcycle riders in the past year.

"The latest...I think the last 3 that we've had...speed was a factor and I think in a couple of them, alcohol was a factor. And alcohol is really a lot bigger problem than I think it should be," says Motorcycle Safety Instructor Josiah West.

Yet the interest in taking a course to become licensed continues to rise. West says instructors give riders all the information they need to stay comes down to whether they want to use that information.

"We have a strategy that will allow you to look at a situation, look at traffic around you and kind of play a what if game. What if this car pulls out in front of me, what do I do then, or see how traffic situations can come together and cause an accident," says West.

Amarillo Police see many of these incidents first-hand. Along with alcohol, there is another major factor they are seeing in the collisions.

"Speeding is always going to be a factor regardless if you're in a vehicle or a motorcycle. We have so much traffic in Amarillo and it's hard to watch for the little obstructions when you're going that fast," says Officer Cynthia Palacios.

While it is not unheard of for another vehicle to be involved in a motorcycle collision, statistically West says it's an error by one person.

"Less than half of motorcycle fatalities are caused by another vehicle, so that just means that the rider didn't know how to ride, or made an error in judgment."

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