Funding websites making scams easier

Funding websites making scams easier

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As the popularity of funding websites grows, so does the risk of becoming victimized.

Websites like Gofundme give people a simple and easy way to create numerous types of accounts asking for money. The company does not have strict restrictions so it is easy for anyone to create an account.

Although this type of aid can be very beneficial, one big unprotected issue is scams.

There are acts such as the Jobs Act and Federal Securities Act that can protect victims, but they have to file a lawsuit first.

In most cases, the web pages get taken down before prosecution begins.

"If someone sets up a Gofundme account and they want to get money from you, take a screen shot in order to prove it," Attorney Dean Boyd said.

Another way to protect yourself is by saving all messages to prove what was done and how they cheated you.

One easy way to prevent from being scammed is contacting the person named in the account. You can make sure the money is truly going to them and not a scammer.

You can contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint, contact your district attorney, or police department to file a complicate as well.

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