Changes are coming to Suddenlink customers

Changes are coming to Suddenlink customers

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  Starting April 12, Suddenlink customers throughout our region will notice a higher quality picture and digital sound when they are watching their regular television programs.

Areas that will be seeing the update include Amarillo, Canyon, Tulia and Clovis, New Mexico.

The company has been working on getting these new digital programming for years now and are excited to launch them. Viewers will also notice nearly 70 new channels including more than 25 in high definition.

Depending on what type of service Suddenlink customers have some may have to install a HD DigitaLink box in order to continue viewing their regular television programming.

"Customers will not need HD DigitaLink for television sets that already have Suddenlink HD DVR's, HD digital receivers, TiVO, or Suddenlink cable cards," Suddenlink Director of Corporate Communications Gene Regan said.

To check if your television needs the new equipment, go to channel 83; If both your audio and video is working, you will not need to install the digital box. Also, if you notice a crawl on your TV screen that begins with the words, 'DON'T LOSE THIS CHANNEL,' it's an indication that your TV set will need to have an HD DigitaLink.

Suddenlink will be offering up to two digital boxes per household and four for business that need them. The boxes will be free for two years and after that customers will be seeing a $3.50 charge on their bill for having the boxes.

You can order the boxes by contacting your local Suddenlink provider, call toll free at 844-790-7477 or visit the Suddenlink website.

Installation doesn't require a tech anyone can install the boxes but techs are available to guide and answer any questions.

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