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Texas brought in the Most Hail and Wind Claims for State Farm

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Texas rated the highest in both wind and hail claims in State Farm's 2015 report. 

State Farm insurance agency paid out over $835 million in wind claims and $2 billion in hail across the USA and Texas.

Texas had 52,500 of hail claims and 11,200 in wind claims for 2015.

For local State Farm insurance holders, this report will not affect any ratings.

"When State Farm considers rate changing we look at a long term claim history," State Farm Agent Jeff Bara said. "Just because one year there was bad weather and many claims we take into consideration 10-20 years of that region to determine a good rate for our clients. We don't see those rates going up."

On reason Texas had the highest ratings was because of our weather patterns. Other states do not see a big combination of hail and wind like the panhandle.

As the warmer weather starts up, local agents want you to be prepared for any future claims you might make.

"Go around your house and take a video of every personal property you have inside the house," Bara said. "Keep that video in a safe place that way if a big tornado comes you know you have everything documented and you can show the insurance company and make the claims process smooth for you."

Insurance agents also want all insurance holders to be aware of potential contractor scams and insurance frauds.

"Be very weary of who you select to do your roof. I highly recommend selecting a local roofing company. A lot of other people come out of town just because work is here and if you ever have issues with your roof there is a high chance of not getting a hold of them when they're two states away," Bara said.

A safe way to check the credibility of any contractor is by contacting your local Better Business Bureau and check out ratings of contractors.

"When roofers say I can eat up your deductible, what they're doing is billing the insurance company saying they're charging you a lot more and then giving you a different amount. That is definitely walking the lines of insurance fraud and I would definitely try to stay away from that," Bara said.

In order to cover yourself properly, insurance agents urge you to talk to your local agent before signing a contract or filing a claim.

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