High Plains Food Bank in crucial need of canned goods

High Plains Food Bank in crucial need of canned goods

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  The High Plains Food Bank is running extremely low in their canned food items due to an increased demand.

During their December Holiday Drive, the food bank received over 30,000 pounds of canned items. But due to a high demand all the items have been distributed.

"We had a great food drive in December, our best to date and here we are in mid February and that has already been distributed out," said Executive Director Zack Wilson. "It's already gone, so that should tell you a little bit...That 30,000 lbs. in the matter of two months and we're actually surprised that it's lasted that long has gone out."

In January, HPFB distributed over 634,000 lbs. of food, becoming the highest distribution for any January.

Yet over recent years, the HPFB has been seeing a steady decline in the food donations and a high demand of families in need of food.

The High Plains Food Bank serves 29 counties in a 30,000 sq. mile area. The average number of households they serve is 8,000 and they send out over 1,200 family food boxes on a monthly basis.

A recent inventory showed that the organization only has enough canned vegetable items to last them through March.

"You know this is one of those staple items that we always like to have in our boxes," Wilson said. "If we don't have them, of course, we have to find creative ways around it or distribute without that and we really don't like to do that. This is the lowest it's really been for these canned food items in about 6 or 7 years."

The main type of food items in need are assorted vegetables, canned green beans and corn. Canned meats, soup and fruits follow close behind.

Currently, the HPFB only has one drop off location at their warehouse on 815 Ross St. in Amarillo.

"There might be some businesses or organization that might not be able to donate on a large scale, but if you could bring a food barrel out and publish it as a great drop off place that would be great," Wilson said.

If your business or organization would like to become a drop off location, you can fill out a form by visiting the Food Bank's website. HPFB will deliver food distribution barrels to the business or organization and then go pick them up once filled. This method will give residents the opportunity to be able to take their donations to different locations around town.

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