Sand Drag Precautions

Sand Drag Precautions

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As hundreds continue to fill up the Canadian River banks with RV's and trailers, authorities would like to remind attendees what they'll be looking out for.

The three day event will bring in people from all over Texas and surrounding states as visitors will be able to explore the Canadian Rivers vast terrain.

"If you're not familiar, if you don't know how to ride a four wheeler, my suggestion is don't come down here and think that you can just crawl up the side of one of these mountains down here cause you can't, you're going to get yourself hurt," Potter County Sheriff Brain Thomas said. "These people that are down here, they know what they are doing, wear the safety gear that are required, you're required to have a helmet, you're required to wear goggles keep those things in mind."

Authorities will be looking out for riders that are not wearing helmets and goggles as well as for off-road vehicles that are driving up and down the river bank without the proper off road tag. They will also keep an eye on people who are driving under the influence as a safety precaution to the other attendees.

With the nice weather expected for Saturday, the Potter County Sheriff's Department wants you to be very conscious of your surroundings.

"You also have to remember that we've been extremely dry, Saturday is being predicted to be an elevated or critical fire watch day so that could play a role into this weekend as well so we just want everyone to be careful of what's going on around you," said Thomas. "Remember that we are under a burn ban, so that means that those that are staying down here can have a fire but it has to be in a metal container and it has to have a grate on top of it so they have to have that and the fire department will be down here as well and they'll be looking for those violations."

Potter County is currently under a burn ban that does not allow any open fires.

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