Tips you should know before the current Warrant Roundup

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The current warrant roundup is a few days away and local attorneys want you to know you still have time to act.

Attorneys are urging people to go online and make sure they are not on the warrant list.

"If you've gotten a ticket in the last few years that you've never paid look and make sure that your not on there because a lot of people will say oh you know I don't know what happened with that ticket they never called me, their not going to call you because on the ticket it's going to say you have ten days to go in and get this taken care of. So the onus is on you to get it taken care of," Attorney Diana Hathaway said.

If your name is on the current list you still have time to call and arrange a payment.

"Call and make payment arrangements and pay over the phone don't, my advise don't tell them where you are just say i want to pay, where do i pay and pay over the phone," Attorney Mike Warner said.

By taking care of the warrant before officers come looking for you, you could be saving yourself a lot of extra money.

"Its a lot cheaper than having to bond out and call a bail bonds men.That's money that you should be paying for towards your fees and fines instead of paying me or some bail bonds men," Warner said.

Most people do not realize their ticket has gone to a warrant so they do not have the money in full and cannot afford to be jailed. If that is the case you can call the court and talk to a prosecutor. The key point is to handle the warrant before officers start looking for you.

A very important approach is handling the ticket before it becomes a warrant.

"Fines can be negotiated and cost can be waved if you can show good cause. Your going to have to show that your indigent by showing bills and proof that you really can't afford the fines," Hathaway said.

If you do not have the money to pay any current warrants attorneys recommend looking for other ways to obtain the money such as taking a small loan out.

To see if your on that list visit our website at

The Warrant Roundup starts Saturday, March 5.

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