Spokane, WA team tours Amarillo 'Snack Shak' program

Spokane, WA team tours Amarillo 'Snack Shak' program
AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A community group from Washington state is in Amarillo touring the Snack Shak program in hopes of using it as a model for their schools.

Three years ago, the Spokane community used Snack Pak 4 Kids as a model in their elementary schools. The program helps kids receive free after school meals. They also reach out to provide food for siblings that are not old enough to be in school.

Now the Spokane team is back in Amarillo and ready to learn how the Snack Shak program works with local middle school and high school students.

Snack Shak is the second program developed by the founders of Snack Pak 4 Kids. The program also helps provide weekend meals for middle and high school students. Students in the program remain anonymous in order to protect students from being singled out.

Students simply fill out a form and select food items they want in order to make their own meals over the weekend. Then they choose when and where they want to pick up their meals.

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