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Warm temperatures deceiving, still too soon to garden

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Warren Reid, Owner of Coulter Gardens Warren Reid, Owner of Coulter Gardens

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This winter has been abnormally warm, and experts believe these temperatures can be dangerous to plants. 

Feeding plants this early can force them to bloom prematurely, and with temperatures fluctuating it can cause freeze damage. 

Many books suggest feeding trees and shrubs in Feb., but Warren Reid, Owner of Coulter Gardens, said that's only for places that get cold and stay cold. 

"Trees and shrubs you'll want to wait until after mid-March to feed those," Reid said. "Grass, it's fine to go ahead and feed our lawns now cause the cold won't hurt them, but the trees, shrubs, and perennials let's leave them alone a little bit longer."

However, he said people should water their plants all year around. 

"In the winter you want to water about once a month, but when we're getting warm days like this, for lawn about once a week is good," Reid said. "But for our trees and shrubs we're trying to keep dormant probably every two or three days. Keep them a little wet, they don't have to be staying in water but just try to keep them as wet as you can to prolong their waking up." 

He said be sure not to over water the plants because that can increase the soil's temperature, which can cause plants to flourish sooner. 

Now is the time for gardeners to treat their lawns to prevent unwanted weed growth. 

"It's time to start putting preventers out on your lawn, because of all the rain we had last year we got a lot of weed and crab grass seeds laying on the ground," Reid said. "So we're expecting a bountiful weed year."

Even thought it's been warm lately we aren't out of the woods yet. Reid feels people may have to save their plants from some cold nights ahead.

"Be ready with anything cloth," Reid said. "Blankets, towels, bed sheets, never plastic. That's always a mistake."

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