Copy-Texas mom accused of waterboarding special-needs son

KAUFMAN COUNTY, TX (KTVT/CNN) - A Texas mother and her boyfriend are accused of torturing her special-needs son with rope, pushups and waterboarding as punishment.

Kaufman County deputies said Christi Howell and Casey Shackleford used torture techniques on the boy after they discovered he inappropriately touched a dog's rear end.

Deputies said Shackleford grabbed the boy by the hair and pinned him down inside their home while Howell held a towel over the boy's face and poured water.

The arrest affidavit reveals the couple also bound his genitals with a rope and then pulled.

Investigators said it left the boy with small cuts and bruises in several areas, including his neck and chest where the rope was also tied.

The victim also told police his mother and Shackleford would force him to do pushups, and they would hit him if he didn't show proper form.

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