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Moore County leaders move on relief route

Traffic on Dumas Avenue Traffic on Dumas Avenue
Traffic on Dumas Avenue Traffic on Dumas Avenue
Rowdy Rhoades, Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades, Moore County Judge
Semi Trucks on Dumas Avenue Semi Trucks on Dumas Avenue

DUMAS, TX (KFDA) - On any given day, hundreds of semi trucks will go through Dumas as they travel on Highway 287. 

Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades says it's been an increasing problem for the town. 

"There was a time where you could actually parallel park on the businesses downtown, but not any more, there's a good chance you'll get run over," said Rhoades. "The traffic that we have now, it's killing our downtown business, it's not safe to be on Main Street." 

Dumas has been discussing a relief truck route with TxDOT for several years, but fear of the route drying up the town has stalled the project. Rhoades says Google Maps and other GPS apps are already directing travelers around Dumas -- creating a bypass out of Dumas' control. 

"All that traffic is going through Dalhart," said Rhoades. 

County commissioners have finally agreed on a proposed relief route. The route would start slightly west of Dumas and wrap around the town before connecting back on Highway 287 headed north. Some of the businesses in Dumas say the route is a double edged sword.

"I'm one of the businesses probably it would help not to have the truck traffic on Dumas avenue, although there are other businesses that it would hurt to have it not there," said Co-owner of Bob Self Shoes, Charles Skipworth. "If it gets to the point to where they're going to build one, whether we like it or not, we're better off to be able to say where we want it, as close to Dumas as possible." 

Rhoades says this is a project that would not affect Dumas taxpayers. TxDOT will be looking at the town's proposal to see if its feasible.

The project would take about 10 years until its complete.

The Dumas City leaders haven't passed a resolution, but a joint meeting with the county is set for Feb. 22nd at the Moore County Community Building. 

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