Get the latest Amarillo news straight to your phone!

Get the latest Amarillo news straight to your phone!

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NewsChannel10 News App

The latest app is now available for free download for Apple iOS and Android users. Upgrade your existing app today.Get the latest breaking news, weather, newscasts, sports, and more all sent directly to your phone:

  • Full customization of 'push' notification content
  • Interactive weather radar and extended forecasts
  • HD stream of On Air Newscasts and storage for future viewing
  • Access to all current and upcoming community events
  • Alerts you to news that matters

We are excited for the launch of our latest news app on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The launch of our new app also means the one you currently know and love will go offline shortly. If your existing app doesn't prompt you to upgrade, you'll need to visit the iPhone or Google store and upgrade to the latest NewsChannel10 news app manually. Just type 'KFDA' or "NewsChannel10' into the search bar and the new app will appear, or click the above link.


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