New K-9 "Rek" ready to patrol area with Randall County Sheriff's Office

New K-9 "Rek" ready to patrol area with Randall County Sheriff's Office

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A new deputy is ready to take on crime in Randall County.

Corporal Scott Riley's 7-year partner Luno retired last month and Riley's now taking on a new and much different K-9 to prepare him for crime in the panhandle.

Rek is from Czechoslovakia, but has made his way to Amarillo for work.

Riley spent 80 hours with Rek at the K-9 training center before being allowed to bring him back. Rek is now trained in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension and tracking.

But right now, the duo is working on their partnership.

"Normally it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for bonding," says Riley. "You want to keep your partner with you at all times and not expose them as much to the public during that time because it becomes that bonding and the protection pretty much sets in at that time."

Riley will have his hands full. Luno is still living with him, and Rek will be doing the same.

And with very different personalities, Riley says it is going to take some work.

"Luno's like a switch, you can turn him on and off as where Rek is always in the on mode so right now we're in the process of them bonding with each other," says Riley.

Contact between Luno and Rek has been limited, and Riley tells us the coming months will be interesting spending so much time with dogs battling for his attention.

"They actually got to see each other through the fence. Luno doesn't understand why Rek gets to go in the kennel now and why Rek gets to get in the vehicle when I leave in the mornings. You know, with them being the alpha males, you know they're not going to get along, but we'll get that worked out."
 Luno had an extensive resume and Riley has faith Rek will serve the area just as well.

"I think he's...well I know he's going to make a good asset for the department as well as Luno did and he's going to do us a great job," says Riley.

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