Deadly concoction causing alarm among parents

Deadly concoction causing alarm among parents

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  Poison centers across the country are urging parents to be on the lookout for a homemade concoction that has already killed two teenagers.

It's been commonly referred to "Dewshine," a mixture of racing fuel (or methanol) and the soft drink Mountain Dew.

The mixture is used to get drunk quickly, but it can cause severe symptoms like blindness, cardiac arrest, and death. Two teens from Tennessee were killed in January.

"That was a very dangerous combination because racing fuel contains methanol which is very much more poisonous than ethanol, which is what we find in most of our alcoholic beverages," said Dr. Thomas Martin with the Texas Panhandle Poison Center.

So how easily accessible is it to teens in our area?

Methanol is not a regulated substance so there is no age restriction. It can be found in products like window cleaner and furniture products, but in its purest form, there are only a few stores that supply it.

They do however have rules set in place.

"Amarillo Dragway, the owners there they have a policy in place where they don't sell any small quantities at all and only to the racers during the race while races are going on, so that's our largest supplier of race fuel in Amarillo," says Craig Moses with FX Motorsports.

Poison control centers are now asking parents to be on the lookout, in hopes of preventing any more deaths or injuries.

"Well certainly if they have any methanol in their house, they should think twice about keeping it after they're done using it because it's a very dangerous substance and an adolescent child or young teenager might be inclined to try and take that and mix it with a beverage thinking it's something they can get high on and it's much more likely to seriously harm them or kill them," says Dr. Martin.

If you suspect a poisoning or want more information on methanol products, you can reach the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

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