Olsen Park Elementary students start a movement throughout school

Olsen Park Elementary students start a movement throughout school

Amarillo, TX (KFDA) - Students at a local elementary school are taking a big step to combat education issues thousands of miles away.

Ethan Wilcox is a 5th grader at Olsen Park Elementary.

And after getting a book from one of the school's book fairs, he started a movement across the entire school.

The book "I Am Malala" tells the story about a young girl who was shot by the Taliban after standing up for education.

She now has a fund to help build schools and make education accessible for children around the world.

And Wilcox had an idea.

"I went trick-or-treating and collected extra change for the Malala fund," said Wilcox. "And we only raised about 30 dollars and I said I want to do more than just this."

And he did. Along with a few other classmates, Ethan and the group asked the principal if they could launch the campaign school-wide.

They have since raised over a thousand dollars.

"It's going to help the 66 million girls worldwide that can't go to school, get into school and the goal that Malala has set is that she won't stop until all of the girls are in school and we just...we wanted to be a part of that," said organizer Sarah Hope.

"There are bigger problems in the world than education...global warming, terrorism, wars. But I feel like the only way to stop that is to go for education first, so we have more geniuses to solve more problems," Wilcox tells us.

Faculty and staff at Olsen Park are pleased with how such young people can be driven to make a difference around the world.

"The goal of education is to create a community of people who care about others, so for them to take time outside of their school schedule to look for problems in the world that they feel empowered to fix, that's the greatest reward that we can have from educating our young people," says 5th grade teacher Kathryn Samor.

To help, visit: https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=530783

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