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Mobile blood test company coming to Borger

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BORGER, TX (KFDA) - You've heard of Uber, a convenient way to order a car to come pick you up. What if you could do the same thing with doctor ordered blood work?

Soon Borger residents will be able to have blood work done in the comfort of their own home through a company called IGGBO.

IGGBO is a company out of Virginia that's being compared to Uber.

But instead of using an app to get a ride, doctors and patients can go online and schedule blood work to be done whenever, wherever.

This start up company reports up to 40% of people who need blood test done simply don't schedule or go to their appointments.

Now, instead of having to travel to a lab, trained technicians in Borger will come to patients at work, home or a doctor's office at their request.

"It's really providing open access to advanced science to everyone," said Nuno Valentine, CEO and Co-Founder of IGGBO. "That's our ultimate mission. Just because you live in a small town doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the great science that exists in big cities."

IGGBO phlebotomists collect the blood samples needed and send the off to a lab to get tested. And all this happens without the patient having to leave home to get the work done.

Giraldo Ramos is an IGGBO phlebotomist and Borger resident. He's worked with the company for a year and has had to commute very far to do his job since Borger was not a region for the company.

He said the need for IGGBO's services in Borger is apparent.

"Some of the patients are confused or intimidated by the whole experience," said Ramos. "It's a lot nicer and a much more calming experience when you come to someone's home. It also takes away that whole trauma for them."

With a high Spanish population in Borger, Ramos said hiring bilingual phlebotomists makes the experience better for these patients.

"The population is very bilingual," said Ramos. "IGGBO is providing that service that a lot of people don't provide; having someone accommodate someone in their language."

Borger is just the first of several panhandle locations IGGBO wants to reach.

"Why we're excited to be in the Texas panhandle and really all regions in the country is that whole model of figuring out how to allow great science to reach everyone," said Valentine.

IGGBO is currently hiring phlebotomists in Borger with plans of starting services within a month.

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