Some groups out money and a location for events

Some groups out money and a location for events

Amarillo, TX - A local Amarillo family is out hundreds of dollars after the venue they booked for their super bowl party unexpectedly closed.

"Party Barn" is an event venue where people can hold bigger parties.

But the lady leasing the barn has quite literally taken people's money and ran.

Paul Davis is one of many people who has told us they received this letter.

The letter states any events scheduled at the party barn after December 31st will be canceled and no refunds will be issued.

But the ex-business leaser Lori is nowhere to be found to speak with.

"That is the only contact I've had with her since the letter. I've tried calling her, I've tried texting her and I haven't gotten any response from her," says Davis.

The property owner however tells us they have since taken over the barn to restore it, and they apologize for those not able to get back their money.

And while the money is a big deal to some, Davis would just like an explanation.

"Event centers here...although we have many of them, they fill up, they're booked solid, I mean it's hard to find one open,so that is a big deal. We were fortunate enough to find another location to have the party, so that part worked out for us, but yeah I mean it's like I was saying a while ago, we all go through struggles especially owning business and so I'm not here to beat her up over struggling, it's just the way that she's handled her struggles that's kind of made this a bad deal," says Davis.

But there may be a solution for some people.

Attorney Stewart Werner says there are a few options to try to get their money back.

"They can make a complaint with the Texas attorney general's office, they might do a search online for you know the Texas Attorney General's office. There's a consumer protection office and I believe there's something online where they can just file their complaint online," says Werner.

The property owners tell us they will try their hardest to accommodate anyone who had or would like to schedule a future event, despite the current issues.