Two cars found in Amarillo lake

Two cars found in Amarillo lake

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Two cars were found in a lake in northeast Amarillo and recovered Monday morning.

Workers were draining Martin Road Lake for a maintenance project when they discovered the two cars and contact the police.

Amarillo Police Department's Dive Team arrived to find two cars submerged in the lake, and they're still working to figure out why.

Divers were sent in the lake to inspect both cars and hook them up to tow trucks to be removed.

"This particular car was on its top so they weren't able to open the doors," said Sergeant David Hagler with the APD Dive Team. "The diver was able to reach inside and feel at least the front area to make sure there was nothing in there that we needed to know about."

Nothing was found in either car, aside from a lot of mud and a lot of fish.

The first car was a Pontiac Grand Prix with Nebraska license plates. The second was a van with Arizona license plates.

Police say the cars had to be in the lake for a good amount of time based on their appearances, and they are still investigating how and why these cars ended up in the lake.

Both vehicles are being taken to the impound lot. Efforts will be made to find the owners of the car using license plate numbers and VIN numbers, if possible.

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