Stand 4 LEOS looking to acquire 501c3

Stand 4 LEOS looking to acquire 501c3

Amarillo,TX (KFDA) - A local group is getting some added help to ensure their success in the panhandle.

Law enforcement wives, widows, and women officers have gathered to form a support group and that group has now taken an added step in hopes of being able to do more in the Amarillo community.

They're called stand for LEOS, LEOs meaning law enforcement officers.

The group was set up after wives of those in law enforcement saw the negative attitude being drawn toward officers.

"Stand for LEOS came about when all of the attacks were happening against officers. Officer Goforth was one of the big ones, that was one that really caught our attention and we'd seen a huge walk happen in Houston and we decided, Cynthia decided that we should do something," says Vice President Jessica Huerta.

So they did.

And now they want to acquire their 501C3. That certification would authorize them as a non-profit organization and allow them to do a lot more that they currently can.

"We have big dreams of what we want to do with the monetary gain that we're getting with this and in order to get further ahead, we do need the donations and for big businesses to actually provide us with those large amounts, they want to be able to write that off in their taxes. so it's pretty big for us," says President Cynthia Palacios.

Why does this group hold such a special place in the hearts of these women?

They want to ensure the safety of most of them have a special connection to one.

"I am a widow to a police officer about a year and a half ago, so law enforcement will always mean something important to me. Wherever I am needed for this community, then I will step up and help," says Secretary April Jones.

The women would also like to thank Treasurer Jayme Gray and Media and Social Chair Tristi Ogden.

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