Voter registration deadline is Monday, February 1st

Voter registration deadline is Monday, February 1st

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The deadline to register to vote in the primary election is fast approaching and it's easier than you think to register to vote.
It's as easy as having a drivers license and your one vote could make a difference in the primaries.

Usually, when renewing your drivers license after the age of 18 you are asked if you would like to register to vote, however, if you do not have a drivers license or other valid forms of ID, you can get an Election Identification Certificates to vote in the election.

According to DPS, Most residents already have an acceptable form of photo identification needed for voting and will not need or qualify for an EIC. If an applicant already has any of the following documents, they are not eligible to receive an EIC: Texas driver license, Texas personal identification card, U.S. passport,Texas concealed handgun license, U.S. Military identification with photo, or U.S. Citizenship Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization with photo.

To qualify for an EIC, an applicant must bring documentation to verify U.S. citizenship and Identity, be eligible to vote in Texas, be a Texas resident, and be 17 years and 10 months or older.

Citizens not registered or someone who has moved from their current address also needs to re-register. Also those who have changed their name should also contact the voter registration office and the deadline is approaching. If you are already registered you should have already received your voter registration card in the mail.

This year the primary ballot will consist of races for U.S. Presidency, statewide offices, and multiple county positions including a Potter County commissioner post, Potter County district and county attorney, and a Randall County constable position.

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