Randall County Sheriff K-9 retires after 7 years

Randall County Sheriff K-9 retires after 7 years

Amarillo, TX (KFDA) - A local four-legged deputy has retired his bullet proof vest after a seven-year run with the Randall County Sheriff's office.

They say a dog is a man's best friend, but for Luno and Corporal Riley, it is so much more. And though they will no longer be seeing each other at work, they will be spending time together elsewhere.

Luno joined the Randall County Sheriff's department when he was two years old.

His career spans accomplishments from locating two missing children, to finding 872 pounds of marijuana and 17 pounds of cocaine.

But this week, he said goodbye to the department, as it was time to retire.

"At nine years of age, that's when we retire service dogs just because their bodies begin to break down, their teeth begin to weaken, those kinds of things. And so over his time here, he's been a very highly valuable resource," says Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson.

What will happen to Luno now that he is living the retired life? He and his handler Corporal Scott Riley had such a strong relationship, Luno will now be living with the Riley family.

"They have a trust relationship between the two of them that they're partners. And dogs, once they have their partner, they don't partner up well with another one," says Richardson.

But Luno won't be the only dog at home for long. Riley left this morning to begin training a new K-9 named Rek for the Sheriff's office and he will also be living with Riley.

"Rek comes from the same place in Czechoslovakia as Luno. He only understands commands in Czech, and so you and I giving him a command to sit or go or come on means nothing to him," says Richardson.

Sheriff Richardson tells us all the work Luno put in during his tenure was much appreciated. Now it is Luno's time to relax and enjoy the retirement life at home with Riley.

It will be a couple of weeks before Riley will be back with the new K-9 Rek. We will bring you the latest on his new journey when he arrives.