What the future holds for Potter County Stadium

What the future holds for Potter County Stadium

Amarillo, TX -   Conversations about Downtown and the MPEV continue to be a hot topic and Monday night, another discussion circled around the future of the Potter County Memorial Stadium.

"We had the owner of Southern Independent here to address the commissioner's court and really lay out the plan for the season coming up and the next season," said Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia. "The current contract is for two more years."

Southern Independent Baseball owner Gary Elliston plans to do an in-depth analysis of what needs to be improved at the stadium.

"We need to improve the concession stands for service to the patrons but also to make sure we meet health codes," said Elliston.

While the discussion for the stadium is still ongoing, many are wondering how the MPEV will play a role and once its complete, where the MPEV will leave the Potter County Stadium and the Amarillo Thunderheads.

"We wanted to be mindful of that, we wanted to really be able to speak to our taxpayers of what does that mean for the existing stadium," said Murguia. "Once the MPEV comes up obviously there will be discussion about what will happen with the existing Potter County Stadium."

Elliston says everything is up in the air right now, and he is anxious to see what happens next.

"I would not expect that a AA team and an independent team could coexist in Amarillo," said Elliston.

The Potter County Stadium will go through inspections this week. Cost estimates of what improvements needs to be done will be presented to Potter County Commissioner's Court next week, where they will weigh the expense of repairs against the long term outlook of the stadium.

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