Sub-committee set to discuss ordinance 7333 one last time

Sub-committee set to discuss ordinance 7333 one last time
Grant Reyher, Subcommitte co-chair
Grant Reyher, Subcommitte co-chair

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo City Council formed a subcommittee in late November, and gave them two months to review Ordinance 7333. This law restricts anyone from camping overnight on public property.

As the 60 day deadline arrives, some committee members are confident the ordinance will be amended to meet everyone's needs.

"I wanted to make sure that this subcommittee would remain impartial and it wouldn't get railroaded in any certain direction," said Co-Chair for the subcommittee Grant Reyher.

Reyher says the group's first order of business was addressing the concerns they had with the ordinance.

"I think the two main concerns we're how the definition of this ordinance is interpreted, like what constitutes as camping, and how this ordinance was being prosecuted." said Reyher.

Reyher says one amendment they're pushing for is to allow the homeless to sleep in public during the winter months.

"I don't think anyone wants to see someone freezing to death out there," said Reyher.

Amarillo's Community Development Administrator James Allen says the city provided the group with data on what other cities are doing with a similar ordinance. The committee has also reviewed what homeless services are offered in Amarillo.

"They compiled a list of available services because the sub-committee didn't think the public and the homeless community knew of all the services that could go to." said Allen.

On Friday, the committee will have their last meeting at the Downtown Branch Library at 1:30 p.m. There, 12 of the members will vote on the new amendments and put together a summary of their meetings for the council.

Once the summary is submitted, council members will decide if their amendments will be implemented to the ordinance.

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