Pampa man and law enforcement want answers after dogs found shot dead

Pampa man and law enforcement want answers after dogs found shot dead
Freddy Winborne
Freddy Winborne
Steve White, Chief Deputy - Gray County Sheriff's Department
Steve White, Chief Deputy - Gray County Sheriff's Department

Pampa, TX (KFDA) -  Two dogs in Pampa were found shot dead on a county road.

Cas and Harley were like family to Freddy Winborne.

He tells when he found them dead with gunshot wounds...he lost a lot more than just "pets."

This is a picture of Cas and Harley. The father-son duo belonged to the Winborne family and Freddy Winborne says they held a special place in their hearts.

"My wife passed away and she was buried March 8th...the same day Harley was born. So that kind of had a special meaning," says Winborne.

But a couple of days ago Cass and Harley went missing.

Winborne reached out the public via social media asking for their help, and someone spotted the dogs.

Harley had been shot once in the chest, and Cass was shot in the hip.

Gray County Sheriff officials say there are only two scenarios.

Either it was a case of animal cruelty or a landowner did this, which per Texas law, is not illegal if they were protecting their land or livestock.

"With real leads. No way to investigate. The only thing we can do is what Mr. Winborne has done...reach out to people on social media, just kind of put the word out there. If somebody knows about it, maybe they'll come forward, but that's basically the only means to investigate it," says Steve White with the Sheriff's Department.

Winborne says while it saddens him, he understands if a landowner took control. Be it that, or animal cruelty, he and officers would still like to know.

And for now, there is only one way to find who did this.

"They need to come forward and give us closure. It's just like with any death, you want closure. You want to know what happened. Good, bad or indifferent, you want to know what happened. I know my animals didn't deserve this in my eyes. In somebody else's eyes, maybe they did. But I would like to know," says Winborne.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call the Gray County Sheriff at 669-8022.

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