New weather disaster software aims to keep Moore Co. residents safer

New weather disaster software aims to keep Moore Co. residents safer

Dumas, TX - The National Weather Service has designated Moore County as "Storm Ready" for years, but technology upgrades will allow emergency officials to be even more efficient, while looking out for residents who need the help most.

"This is the first time that we've ever had actual commercial software to do anything like this," said Moore County Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Brooks.

Brooks' new program puts his first responders closer to disabled residents in the event of a disaster.

"We're able to track the special needs population to where we can go out and pre-disaster or immediately post disaster, assist them in evacuation or just checking on them to make sure they're okay." said Brooks.

The database stores the addresses of residents who need assistance during severe weather and once the tornado strikes, emergency crews are immediately sent out to help them evacuate safely.

"It's going to allow us to do our jobs more efficiently and more quickly and in turn, allows us to help our citizens," said Brooks.

The software goes even further for the department by allowing them to assess damage and map out storm shelters within the county.

"If a tornado does unfortunately come through we can go by and check and make sure they were able to get out of their shelter and they're not trapped in them." said Brooks.

Brooks is confident this new technology will better prepare the county the next time a weather disaster comes through the area and could potentially save lives.

"It's strictly for their safety and their well being," said Brooks.

The information stored remains in a secure database and is never made public. If you would like to register for the program or have any questions, call the Moore County Emergency Management at 806-934-9520.

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