Canyon Police see significant increase in certain crimes in 2015

Canyon Police see significant increase in certain crimes in 2015

Amarillo, TX (KFDA) - A 59% increase in canyon crimes over the past year, has left many residents concerned...but the Chief says there is no need to be alarmed.

For a community of roughly 14,000 people, Canyon Police say their crime numbers are fairly low...despite what amounts to a huge jump percentage wise in their 2015 report.

In 2014, the Canyon Police Department saw 116 part one index crimes. And in 2015, they saw 184...a significant increase for a small town.

But Police Chief Dale Davis says when you add a couple of cases to an already small number, the outcome is a huge percentage increase.

"Part 1 index crimes are rape, robbery, murder, theft, auto theft, arson, and the one category that I saw a significant spike in for 2015 was theft," says Davis.


Davis says they have provided the public with all the information to avoid these thefts. They just need to use it.

"Take some crime prevention tips, put them in place to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime. And it starts with them. It doesn't start with the police department. We cans send out the message, but it's going to take them to practice those," says Davis.

Another surprising finding from the annual report shows a large decrease in minor in possession and consumption of alcohol by minors.

With the city newly becoming "wet," Davis says this was a bit unexpected and there are more positives.

"I provided our officers a significant amount of training this year, which I'm proud of because a good, trained police force provides a good product to our community. Our officers were provided thousands of hours of training," says Davis.

Davis tells us 2016 has not started out any better...with a large number of thefts already keeping the department busy.

But he says they will continue to inform the public of theft dangers, in hopes of them listening this time around.

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