Three APD officers cleared in officer-involved shooting death

Three APD officers cleared in officer-involved shooting death

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  No criminal charges will be filed against the three Amarillo police officers involved in the fatal shooting of 31-year-old Mark Ramirez.

The Potter County Grand Jury ruled Wednesday the officers acted appropriately under Texas's self defense statute.

On Dec. 20, 2015, police were called to a home in the 800 block of S. Travis because 31-year-old Mark Ramirez was believed to be suicidal and in possession of a gun.

"It's a sad set of circumstances for all involved, but it's clear he was talking about doing suicide or having some kind of suicidal incident take place before all of this happened," said 47th District Attorney Randall Sims. "He was intent on carrying that out and having someone else do that other than himself. We call that suicide by cop."

When officers arrived at the home, police said Ramirez opened the door with a gun in hand and began to move it in the direction of the officers. "They're giving commands, all of them are, to drop the gun, put it down and that sort of thing," said Sims. "When he raised the gun, all three of them felt that one particular officer was in danger of being shot and two of the three responded by shooting their weapons."

The two officers were Cpl. Clay Hegwood and Officer Rafael Quiles. Sims said Ramirez then retreated back inside the home but did not drop his weapon. "He raised the gun again and the officers fired again.This time he did go down and he did lose control of the gun," said Sims.

In total, Ramirez was shot 14 times. The officers administered first aid at the scene, but Ramirez was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The officers were put on administrative leave, pending the Grand Jury ruling. All three will go back to work tomorrow.

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