Teens using marijuana products with e-cigarettes

Teens using marijuana products with e-cigarettes

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More and more teenagers are using e-cigarettes, and they're smoking more than just flavored the juice containing nicotine that comes with them.

A new trend among high school kids in Amarillo is to replace that juice with something a little different: marijuana

Deputy Wallace Jones, the Student Resource Officer for River Road ISD, said he's found various weed products for e-cigs among his students.

"These kids know it, they see it, they know where to get it, and those e-cigarettes make it easy to smoke," said Jones.

THC oil and other marijuana products are becoming common replacements for the juice. THC oil comes at a much higher concentration than herbal marijuana. And with Colorado nearby, it's becoming easier for teens to get their hands on these products.

"Kids are buying the marijuana butter, shatter, things of that nature and they're smoking those in e-cigs and it's a problem," said Jones.

And it's not easy for law enforcement to detect.

"It's not like when they're smoking a joint or a bowl to where the smell lingers," said Jones. "Once that vape's gone you can't smell it anymore. And so it's easier to hide from law enforcement."

Even possessing just a little bit of marijuana is a felony, and Jones says law enforcement is doing its best to try to keep up with this drug product.