Police looking for leads in two unsolved 2015 murders

Police looking for leads in two unsolved 2015 murders

Amarillo, TX (KFDA) - Two Amarillo murders remain unsolved from 2015.

The murders of 27-year-old Roberto Vasquez and 9-month-old Damian Hayes are still under investigation. Police are hoping to uncover new leads so they can find the people responsible.

It's been almost a month since police found Vasquez shot outside a home in the 1700 block of SE 8th St. The shooting happened December 21 around 9 p.m. Police believe there are two suspects involved in Vasquez's murder.

"We have developed information that there were two individuals who were possibly there at the time of or shortly before his death," said Special Crimes Investigator Sgt. David Hagler. "They are two black males. The descriptions we have are one is approximately 5'8'' and skinny. The other a little shorter. One was wearing a dark-colored or black hoodie. We're just looking for assistance identifying those two individuals."

Information on leads is limited at this time, but police are not giving up. "We want to get this one solved for the family," said Hagler. "We're not just going to let this go. We're going to continue to follow up on the leads that we get and continue to follow up on all the information we get until we can get this one solved."

Police are also investigating the death of Damian Hayes. The baby was strangled at a home on SW 4th Ave. on November 7. Investigators have interviewed people who had access to the baby before and at the time of his murder, but the investigation remains ongoing.

In both of these murders, Hagler said people coming forward with information is key to getting them solved. "This is one particular area that we need some assistance from the public in. Any information that they have or that they think might be of use, we're asking them to call either the Crime Stoppers line or Special Crimes."

You can leave an anonymous tip by calling Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400. You can also receive a $1,000 reward for a tip leading to the arrest of suspects connected to these murders.

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