Train finds way back to home in Amarillo

Train finds way back to home in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX (KFDA) - Nearly 1,000 miles and years later, a train car has found its way home.

The Kizer and Price families tell us it has been a long time coming, but they are glad to see a piece of their family history back here in Amarillo.

They found this special caboose in Newberry Springs, California in the middle of a desert.

But now it's back.

The Kizer and Price family here in Amarillo comes from two generations of conductors.

Conductors used to be assigned to a specific caboose. Their father and husband Larry had one wish before he passed away three years ago, to get a hold of one of his father's cabooses.

And they believe they did.

"I feel like he's home, and it's home. This is where it belongs," says Larry's widow Emalu Price.

"Just the family history to know that we're bringing part of the Santa Fe history back to the panhandle. We've brought the caboose home and it's in it's final resting place," says Larry's daughter Kim Kizer.

But the family does have a bigger plan for it. Kimberly's son Christopher just graduated from culinary school and would like to use the caboose as a gift shop for his restaurant.

"I know it was a long time coming and there was lots of ups and downs the entire way and lots of breakdowns of crying, but we eventually got it here and I think it's well worth it now," says Chris.

With the evolving of technology, Kizer says cabooses have become very scarce. Not only does she hope this is something educational for everyone to see, she is glad her dad's wish came true.

"I come out here and I look at it and I cry. Because I know that my Dad's dream has been fulfilled now. He passed away 3 years ago this month. So I hated that he didn't get to see the fulfillment of it. This is for him," says Kim.

"He always said I would like to have one, so yes he would be very happy. We believe he's up there now looking down smiling from ear to ear," says Price.

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