CRMWA experiences another blowout

CRMWA experiences another blowout

The water supply to thousand of people in the Panhandle is threatened, as CRMWA officials quickly work to fix another pipeline failure.

This is the second pipeline blowout for CRMWA in just a few short weeks. CRMWA officials noticed this current blowout on the 72 inch main aqueduct early Monday morning. Since then, all crews are on site working to make repairs.

Officials say the leak was likely caused by corrosion. They also say since this is yet another pipeline failure, it is critical to fix it quickly especially for water supply in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Plainview.

"The reservoirs are low right now. During the last blowout on December 31st, the reservoirs were full. It bought us some time in a situation like this," said General Manager for CRMWA Kent Satterwhite. "Well, now the reservoirs are low so we don't have a lot of time to get it fixed."

Satterwhite says repairs will cost close to $100,000 and will take up to two weeks to repair. In the meantime, we are all asked to conserve water until further notice.

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