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Canadian River Municipal Water Authority experiences blowout on main aqueduct

From the City of Amarillo:|

Amarillo, TX – The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA) is experiencing another blowout on the 72-inch main aqueduct. While repairs continue, the City of Amarillo has decreased the amount of water being pumped from the reservoir and increased the amount of water from the Potter and Carson County Well Fields.

Current water use for the month of January has averaged 15.6 million gallons per day (MGD) from the reservoir and 28.52 MGD overall. The flow of water from the reservoir will be reduced to 10 MGD. If the CRMWA pipeline is down for an extended period, the City will still be able to treat water through the Osage Plant for another 20 to 25 days at 10 MGD from the reservoir and supplementing the rest with well field resources.

If the City’s reservoir were to drop below 10 feet, more adjustments to the flows would be made. If needed, the City would convert completely to well water. 

The CRMWA pipeline failures will in no way affect water quality to Amarillo customers.


From the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority:

The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority experienced another blowout on the 72” main aqueduct Monday, January 11th.

All Authority crews are on-site and working on the repair.

This aqueduct supplies water to 9 out of the 11 Member Cities. Because of the blowout that occurred last week, storage reservoirs are low so this leak repair is more time critical.

We are unsure at this time what the completion date will be for repair, but a minimum of 1 week will be needed. All efforts to conserve water would be helpful.

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