Teenagers arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

Amarillo, TX -  Amarillo Police say they arrested three teenagers early Sunday morning.

Police were called to the Toot-N-Totum at 2024 S Washington around 1:00 in the morning for auto theft. The caller told police he parked his Ford Explorer at the gas station and went inside, when he came back his car was gone.

After further investigation police say the teenagers drove up to the gas station in a stolen Mercedes taken earlier around 11:15 p.m. Saturday night. The suspects waited in the car until they saw the man driving the Explorer enter the gas station, leaving his car running. The teenagers left the Mercedes and took the Ford Explorer.

It only took minutes before police say they found the Explorer, pulled the car over and arrested the teenagers.

Both vehicles were later returned to the owners.

All three suspects were booked into the Youth Center of the High Plains and face two charges of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

The suspects have not been named due to their ages, two of them are 14 years old, and one is 15.