More military trucks now fighting fires in the Panhandle

More military trucks now fighting fires in the Panhandle

Fritch, TX -  Three area volunteer fire departments now have military trucks to help them fight fires and better protect the communities they serve.

The Fritch, Kress and Wheeler volunteer fire departments recently received three retired military vehicles.

Each fire department gave them a makeover and added the necessary firefighting equipment.

The departments received the trucks for free through the Department of Defense Firefighter Property Program. The program provides excess military equipment to fire departments in need of better equipment to fight fires.

Fritch Fire Chief Ed Adamson said their new truck will help volunteers maneuver banks of the Canadian River with broken terrain and travel up and down ravines. "The thing that this one will provide as opposed to our other tenders is that this one is an 8X8 so that means we can get it off the road and closer to our attack units in the field," said Adamson. "Before, we had to stay on what we call the "hard pack" because our water tenders are so heavy that we can't get them off the main roads."

Since this program launched in 2005, more than 300 retired military trucks have been given to volunteer fire departments across the state.