Rachel's Challenge coming to Dumas

Rachel's Challenge coming to Dumas

Dumas, TX - Over 21 million people across the globe have been apart of Rachel's Challenge and soon, hundreds of residents in Dumas will join in.

It's a presentation many are calling a powerful reminder how the little things we do every day can help make our world a better place

It all started with Rachel Scott. She was the first student murdered at Columbine High School during the mass shooting in April of 1999.

But murder didn't silence her. After the tragedy, her family started Rachel's Challenge -- a movement inspiring students to replace violence, bullying, prejudice, and hate with acts of compassion, respect and kindness. Now that message is coming to Dumas for the first time.

"I received a phone call in the middle of November," said Dumas High School Principal, Brett Beesley. "There's a gentlemen in Hereford by the name of Garth Merrick who wanted to sponsor Rachel's Challenge in the Panhandle and he mentioned Dumas High School, I said absolutely."

Students at Dumas High School will go through a one hour presentation of the program on Monday.

Beesley says while there haven't been any major problems at the high school, addressing the issue of bullying is more important now than ever -- especially if it can prevent tragedies like Columbine.

'We always want to be as proactive as possible in those scenarios," said Beesley. "The more prevalent they've become, the more you want to do something about it, you don't want to have not done anything."

While Rachel's Challenge is geared to inspire students, everyone within the community will have a chance to hear Rachel's story at First Baptist Church Monday evening.

"We're excited about being able to host the community event in the evening where adults from all over the community can come by," said Student Minister Zane Powers. "I feel like a program like this is something that can not only impact our middle school and high school students but also a community and get our community involved in that."

Rachel's Challenge event open to the public will be at 7 p.m. at First Baptist Church. For more information about Rachel's Challenge go to rachelschallenge.org

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