Two dogs shot, local woman seeking justice and raising awareness

Two dogs shot, local woman seeking justice and raising awareness

Amarillo, TX - It was a typical Saturday afternoon for local animal rescuer Dana Gee. She says she was trying to rescue a lost dog when she learned there were two dogs left on the side of Givens Road near the Dumas highway on Facebook.

"My first thing is to go check it out and see what I can do to help," said Gee. "So, I drove down the highway and found these two dogs that had been shot in the head."

Gee says she called the Potter County Sheriff's Office for help, but was told there was nothing they could do.

"Well, I was going to do more than just nothing," said Gee.

She got in touch with the owners of the two dogs who told her the dogs had been missing since the holiday blizzard came through our area last weekend. How the dogs ended up here at Givens Road remains a mystery.

With the help of other animal rescuers, Gee took the dogs to the owner's home. But all of her efforts are part of a bigger picture to bring more awareness about animal abuse and how it's handled in the Panhandle.

"Right now, for some people, there's a mentality of not caring about this," said Gee. "These animals are something that we love on and so forth."

Gee adds that she hopes law enforcement will make these situations a priority to look into, so the people responsible for this type of animal cruelty can be found and prosecuted

"When people call and when they're in need like this, they should start making a change and making it to where we do think more of the animals than what we do." said Gee.

NewsChannel 10 tried reaching out to the owners of the dogs, but they were unavailable for comment.