Police: Man arrested for parking lot burglary

Police: Man arrested for parking lot burglary

Amarillo, TX - Police have arrested a man they say burgled several cars in one night.

Wednesday morning around 3:00 a.m. officers were patrolling parking lots on I-40 West looking for a suspect vehicle they say was involved in auto burglaries.

Police spotted the vehicle they were looking for and stopped it. The officers were then contacted by another man that told police the driver of the suspect car had attempted to break into his car earlier in the night.

The witness identified Zachary Murillo, 20, as the person that tried to break into his car.

After searching Murillo's vehicle, police say they found two handguns, a laptop, a camera and a cell phone.The officers found another vehicle nearby with a broken window and contacted the owners. The owners told police they were missing a laptop and a camera. Police then returned the items.

One of the gun's serial number was used to identify the owner and it was returned.

Murillo was booked into the Potter County Jail for theft of a firearm, two charges of burglary of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief and six traffic warrants.