Jeffrey Ansel to announce run for Congress

Jeffrey Ansel to announce run for Congress

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo man aims to end Congressman Mac Thornberry's more than 20-year-run on Capitol Hill.

Candidate Jeffrey Ansel says twenty plus years in Congress is too many and believes the Texas Panhandle needs a man of the people to be their voice on Capitol Hill.

"I don't have a political background, which I think is a plus because I see being an elected representative should be a civil service, not a career," said Ansel. "I think when people are spending 20 plus years in Congress, naturally they just lose touch with the everyday person they are supposed to be representing."

The federal budget and how it's managed is a top concern for Ansel. "I'm going to go in there as a voice of the people, be your voice and your guy, stir the pot where we need to and get back to some basics on the federal budget. We need to balance that, reduce the debt and we need to take better care of our troops."

Ansel is currently a self-employed safety consultant and manager. Before that, he was the safety and health manager for Phillips 66 in Borger. He describes himself as an everyday man with the necessary skills to manage a budget. "Being a manager at a big refinery, there is a lot of cash flow threw there. My personal department, we had a budget of over $6 million a year that I managed and came in under budget."

Ansel is running as an independent so he doesn't have to toe a party line. "I think both parties are caught up in fighting with each other and we need someone who at some point can stir the pot and at other times can be the mediator between the two groups to actually get some things accomplished."

Ansel is hosting a rally to officially announce his run for Congress on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The rally will be at Sunset Center at 3701 Plains Boulevard at 6 p.m.

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