Deputies train to prepare for Open Carry

Deputies train to prepare for Open Carry

AMARILLO, TX - There is no state-mandated training for how law enforcement officers need to respond to cases involving open carry.

The Potter County Sheriff's Office made the decision to prepare their deputies for the changes coming.

Lt. Scott Giles with the Sheriff's Office said the most difficult aspect has been the "practical street level approach to dealing with people who are carrying openly."

Deputies partook in several training classes. They were taught how to read the demeanor of citizens they encounter who are armed. They also learned how to ask thorough questions about the purpose of the weapon in any given situation.

Giles said handgun licensees are almost always law abiding citizens who cooperate with law enforcement.

The worry comes from unarmed citizens, and Giles is anticipating calls made out of fear when they see a gun.

The deputies are preparing for calls reporting things like a man with a gun outside a school.

"That can be quite alarming to everyone," said Giles. "And yet it very well could be a law abiding citizen who has a handgun license who is simply there to pick up their children."

But he believes most people know open carry starts on Friday. He hopes seeing a gun will not phase most citizens.